Do you love dinosaurs?

Of course you do! Dinosaurs fascinate children, most of who move on to other things as they grow up. Except for the truly awesome few who never lose that fascination with these incredible creatures.

My name is Amanda Ann Larson. I’m an artist and one of those gals who proudly admits that she never grew out of dinosaurs. I’m interested in all things prehistoric, from trilobites to compsognathus to wooly mammoths to modern-day birds (and, yes, they are dinosaurs!).

Whether you are looking for a birthday present for a child just discovering the wonder, or you’re a lifetime dinosaur fanatic, I hope you can find some fun items as I continue to expand this site’s offerings.

I create everything available on Prehistoric Earth in my Whidbey Island studio. T-shirts and other printed accessories are designed and illustrated here and printed and shipped by Printful. Other items, now including stickers and cards, are handcrafted and shipped from my studio.

If there’s anything special you’re looking for that seems to fit my style, don’t hesitate to ask!